May 2011

Welcome to the tenth issue!

clip_image002The war in the Middle East looks unabated. Country after country, the clamor for a change of government continues like a contagious disease waiting to erupt as a revolution. The basic unit of government is family, where parents make sure that this family thrives successfully and peacefully and the children themselves must submit willingly and harmoniously. For this month of May as war in the Arab world rages on, we will take the news of the beleaguered

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi appealed to the parents of the youth who participated in the rebellion and how they had responded to the call is a bit disturbing. Far from the war, we will pay tribute on Mother’s Day by teaching teens on how to value their mothers. When your baby cries, we will advice you on how to appease and to calm him with tender loving care. In case your baby got sunburn, we will give you tips on how to apply first aid treatment. As a single parent, we could help you on how to augment your income by searching for a second job. And at the end, we provide you a review about a story of a family who are fighting for their survival in the new Iraq. The 10th issue of Parenting Essentials Newsletter is now here for you to read.

  • Parenting Around the Globe: latest parenting news/events in Libya
  • Parents-Teens Connect: How to Value your Mother on Mother