January 2011

January 2011 Issue

Welcome to the sixth issue!

The latest news about the punishment of Malaysian parents who abandoned their newly born baby to starve to death welcomes this 6th issue of the New Year. We will let you know if Internet is safe for your teens. We will also introduce you to the early learning activities for your newborns and how to deal if your kids are having allergic reactions. If you are having financial problems as a single parent, we are here to guide you on how to survive your crisis alone. And last, we will introduce you on an inspiring book that will teach you how to make peace with your children. This is the January 2011 issue of Parenting Essentials Newsletter:

  • Parenting Around the Globe: latest parenting news/events in Malaysia Parents-Teens Connect: Teaching Your Teenagers to Face their Fears
  • Parents-Teens Connect: Is Internet Safe for your Teens?
  • Beginners