April 2011

Welcome to the ninth issue!

image The earthquake and tsunami tragedy in Japan plus the troubling nuclear power plants that send radioactive smoke in the atmosphere are bringing sorrow and despair not only to the Japanese people but to the whole world as well. For this month of April as Easter season approaches, we will look into the disaster that happened last month and how Japanese parents cope up with it along with their children. We will also delve on how to shop and make bond with your kids in preparation for the Lenten season. When your child learns how to crawl, we will give you tips on how he could keep him safe plus advices on how to treat him if he has eczema. If you are a single parent, we will assist you on how to help your family survive a calamity. And last, we will give you a review about a book on how to organize your family during a disaster. This is the 9th issue of Parenting Essentials Newsletter.

  • Parenting Around the Globe: latest parenting news/events in Japan
  • Parents-Teens Connect: Shopping with your Kids in Preparation for the Lenten Season
  • Beginners